Jnr Youth & Childrens Mass 2018


School Family Mass 2018




Our Parish Groups

Pastoral Parish Council

Parish Chairperson

Lynda Tunupopo

Parish Council Secretary

Christine Woolmore

Parish Council Members

Father Joy (Parish Priest), Father Majesh Kurian (Asst.  Parish Priest), Nicholas Temm, Preema Anslem, Shali Clement, Lenora Foliaki.

Jnr Youth & Childrens Mass Co-ordinator

Chanel Finnigan

Parish Liturgy Committee

Father Joy, Theresa Stowers (Chairperson), Blue Holmes-Kinsella (Secretary), Janet Liddington, Lynda Tunupopo, Preema Anslem, Albert Wolfgramm, and Neti Foliaki.

Finance Committee

Martin Ng, Ivan DeSouza, Greg Carll and Janet Liddington

RCIA/RCIC Programme Co-ordinator

Theresa Stowers

Progamme Leader for Adults and Teenagers - Theresa Stowers                                                  
Programme Leader for Adults -  Raphael Ng
Programme Leader for Children - Albert  Wolfgramm

First Initiation - First Holy Communion and Confirmation

Information about this Sacramental programme contact icparishellerslie@gmail.com.